HolaDong (hereinafter referred to as the Company) respects and protects user privacy, the Company based on this Privacy Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") collects, uses and shares your personal information. This agreement includes requirements for the collection, storage, protection, use and sharing of your personal information, we recommend that you read the entire contents of this Agreement, to help you learn ways to protect your privacy rights. In order for you to fully understand this Agreement, we will use the typing "bold" to indicate the terms of this Agreement that exist or may have material / important relationships with your interests. When you agree to this "Privacy and Authorization Agreement" in HolaDong, you are deemed to have agreed to the legitimate use and protection of your privacy in accordance with this Agreement.
As long as you use the application, you will give us authorization to get the following permissions from your device:
1. CAMERA: Authorize us to get access to your camera or do photos / videos from related devices;
2. NETWORK: Authorize us to get access to the status of your internet network;
3.LOCATION: Our authorization to get access to your location information;
4. TASKS: Authorize us to get access to the list of applications on your mobile;
5. CONTACT: allow access to contacts, to consider credit information comprehensively We will manage the data obtained from the above permits in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard.
We obtain this permission, mainly for user credit scores, to review users based on user credit scores, we protect user data, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.
We collect and use your information in order to comply with the provisions of state laws and regulations and provide services to you and improve service quality (including support for developing new products or improving the functionality of existing products for you and other users, to provide more quality service well). If you provide information provided in this agreement to us, you can use services that are more than HolaDong, and / or enjoy more convenient and practical customer service, and / or allow us to protect your account and financial security, and / or prevent negative effects on you due to being unable to contact you in a timely manner.
I. The scope of collecting personal information
When you visit our website or our mobility customer service facilities, or if you use other HolaDong services, you are required to provide us with some information, we will also collect your information, we can also obtain information from affiliates and business partners to complete information that we have collected, to provide services to you. We will use an encrypted security system to store and collect your sensitive personal information.
1. To comply with the statutory requirements, and to provide you with a more personalized and easy service, we need to identify your identity. When you register for the HolaDong account or use the available HolaDong services, you need to provide us with some personal information, such as your name, identity (KTP), address, telephone number, company information, emergency contact information and other information related to additional information (such as province and city domisii), e-mail address, social media account.
2. If the HolaDong financial service you use needs to be linked to a bank account or other related account so that the lending process can be achieved, then you need to provide your bank account information, or other payment media related to us.
3. To register a HolaDong service account or to increase the balance, you need to provide the following information: location of application for registration, identity information, emergency contact information, bank information.
4. To make it easier for you to log in quickly to the HolaDong account, you can use the verification code that we send to your cellphone number when using HolaDong. The system will record your login status so you can use it faster.
5. For data security and storage, App HolaDong can store your account information and data associated with you on the HolaDong server.
6. To confirm and assess your credit status, we will provide confirmation through official verification with a third party to get your information used to assess your credit status information.
7. To make it easier for you to check your transaction status or your transaction history, and also to comply with applicable laws and regulations, we will store your transaction information generated from transactions at HolaDong, and store and maintain such information in accordance with laws and regulations applicable.
8. To fully protect the security of your account, when you visit the HolaDong website and related sites, or HolaDong mobile client devices, or use the available Flash Atung services, we can record / record your operating log information, including but not limited to, address IP, permanent identification devices (such as: SSAID, MAC address, IMEI etc.), hardware models, your computer operating system version, your location and log information related to HolaDong services, this information can help us to better understand You and protect the security of your account, such as your login account under suspicious activity, the HolaDong system can monitor the risk of your account, to take preventative steps to avoid losing your finances.
In addition to the information above, we can also collect additional information about the need to provide services and improve the quality of your services, including information about HolaDong, information you provide when contacting our customer service team, including questionnaires / questionnaires that you filled out during the survey HolaDong, as well as information about you that we got from the HolaDong affiliate company, an interactive collaboration of commercial companies that we collected. At the same time, in order to improve the security of using the HolaDong service to provide more precise and effective prevention of fraud and virus threats, we may understand some of your habits in using networks, software information that you use frequently and other ways to determine account risk, and maybe taking down some URLs that we think are risky.
II. Use of Cookies
In order for you to have a more relaxed / easy site access experience, when you visit the HolaDong site or when using the services provided by HolaDong, we might recognize your identity through small data, this is done to help you save time to log in again and help rate that your account is safe. This number data may be cookies, flash cookies, or search engines or other devices related to other storage (commonly called "cookies"). You need to understand that some of our services can only be through the use of "cookies". If your search engine / search engine or search engine / machine support device is possible, you can change the level of acceptance of cookies or reject cookies from HolaDong, but this will affect security when visiting websites or using services from HolaDong.
III. Protection and Storage of Personal Information
1. measures with various physical forms, technology and controls that are appropriate, so that your data will not be disseminated, damaged or lost, including not limited to SSL, storage with extra security, control on data center. We also implement strict controls on employees who may relate to your data, including by applying controls and access to different levels and positions, signing confidentiality contracts with these employees, and monitoring their work situations and other actions.
2. HolaDong will provide security facilities to protect your data based on the current and appropriate system, providing a logical and appropriate security guarantee, HolaDong will always try to keep your information from being spread out, undamaged and not lost.
3. Your data is stored on the HolaDong server, for security and data backup needs, HolaDong may store your information and data on the affiliated company server that is related.
may store your information and data on the affiliated company server that is related. IV. Use of Personal Data
Because the storage of your information is governed by state regulations, and also with the aim of providing and improving the quality of services, to realize this goal, we will use your information for the following needs:
1. Providing a variety of financial services and customer services from HolaDong, as well as protecting and improving these service services.
2. Compare the accuracy of information, and verify it with third parties. Like, verify personal data and identity cards that you provide to organizations / institutions that verify.
3.Get you know the conditions of use of the HolaDong service or understand the HolaDong service, send service status notifications, marketing programs and other technology information.
4. Used for the purpose of knowing the number of users of HolaDong, accumulating transaction information, analyzing or adding, for sales, awards, or so that you have a wider social circle, shared; like we might accumulate new accounts of HolaDong users who are registered / new registrants for a certain period, giving special promos to those users.
5. Prevent or prohibit illegal activities.
6. Other uses through your agreement.
V. Terms and Conditions for Proxy Admission
1. Regarding the information that you provide, in accordance with what is stated in rule no 1, you will receive the power / rights granted or can be received from this company or any special affiliated company, valid all over the world, for life, free (and entitled to receive power in various other aspects). In addition, the company and its affiliates have the right (all or part) to use, copy, modify or adjust, edit / change, launch, translate, distribute, carry out and display all of your data for credit scoring purposes (including and not limited to registered information, number of transactions as well as all data relating to information at HolaDong).
2. The company and its affiliates will gradually allow HolaDong users to register other platforms and services. HolaDong users on the platform of all activities are asked to comply with the regulations according to the agreement, the rules announced by the platform and regarding the explanation and procedure of the use of the correct and appropriate. To realize the function mentioned above, you agree that information, payment for transactions, other numbers registered with the company and also its affiliates and agree to be used.
3. You understand and agree, when you register to use the HolaDong application, and give the company the power or right to use all the information and financial data that you provide to determine the amount of credit and determine whether your registration is successful.
4. You understand and agree, giving the company the right to use the information you registered at the time of registration and use of our financial services such as full names, identity cards, addresses, telephone numbers, company information, biological characteristics and other related information (such as provinces or your domicile city).
5. You understand and agree, if you provide information, provide rights to card / bank account information, allowing companies to:
i. Check your account information.
ii. Check and read bank account transaction info.
iii. Based on (Loan Agreement) through authorization or binding of a bank account to carry out receiving services or payment services.
6. You understand and agree, when you register and use the HolaDong application, allow companies based on (credit management regulations) and other regulations and laws, pay / credit / financial institutions to third parties, obtain, prove your information. All personal data obtained will only be used at the HolaDong service, and will not be distributed to other organizations / institutions.
7. You understand and agree, if you use credit or payment services, you have to make a payment based on the period stipulated in the regulations (Quick Atung Terms and Conditions), the company will via short message, telephone, social media accounts provide payment warnings.
8. You understand and agree, in the registration process, a designated bank or other third party institution which in order to provide better services has the right to receive your information.
9. You understand and agree, we will save your original data; in the period of your agreement and we can re-request and update at any time, for data that has been added, we will save it on the HolaDong server.
10. You understand and agree, you cannot cancel the authorization of the company, its affiliates / legitimate third parties to verify your data; You agree to the collection of information and share it with affiliates and third parties related to legal and operational activities; at the same time agreeing to the company, its affiliates / legitimate companies check and collect data, store, tidy up, edit / change (but outside the information that is prohibited by law, regulation and policy of the law apparatus).
VI. Sharing of Personal Information
We have obligations and guarantees for your data, but we will manage with designated third parties in accordance with ISO 27001, under the following conditions:
1. Get approval from you.
2. To protect HolaDong & HolaDong affiliated companies, subsidiaries, and other parties that are legally legal.
3. Through your financial transactions with other parties, your opponent can find out some of your Flash account information (including the name registered in the account, or nickname).
4. Based on applicable laws or requests from certain authorities.
VII. Examination and Management of Personal Information
You can check or manage your account information when you log in to your HolaDong account, if you encounter problems, you can contact HolaDong customer service.
VIII. Explanation / clarification of responsibilities to third parties
Please note that your counterparty, third party site manager, third party service provider and third party who received your information from HolaDong will likely have certain privacy safeguards; when you check a site developed by a third party or use a device developed by a third party, it is likely that you will find a site or program that has a cookie, this cookie or this sign is not controlled by us, other than that the use of cookies is not under this agreement.
IX. Special considerations
We prioritize providing services to residents aged 18 years and over. If you are not yet 18 years old, please do not give us information, and also do not advise you to use the HolaDong service.
X. Scope of Use
This agreement is an integral part of the property (Quick Atung Terms and Conditions), if related to other HolaDong services that require special regulations, this agreement will be used when you visit the HolaDong site and other related sites, customer service mobility facilities and HolaDong services others.
XI. Change of Agreement
We will at any time make changes to the agreement, because the market share of HolaDong users is very wide and varied, if there is a change, we will have to announce it through the site instead of contacting you personally, the changes will take effect when announced and get your approval . We will assume that you understand and accept the agreement after the change of agreement.